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Cesa Publications on African Lepidoptera has been established in 2007. Upto the end of 2009 online issues (nr.1-24) have been placed under the server of Metafro (Belgium). Unfortunately, the site Metafro changed and it’s older address is currently unavailable. Therefore, the contents of  the nr. 1-24 have been revised and published online as nr. 25, which is freely downloadable from Internet Archive (California, U.S.A.). Some of the earlier issues are also placed under the Cesa Publications on African Lepidoptera. A.Ö.K. 


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22 February 2016

Kemal, M. & A.Ö.Koçak, 2016, Preliminary annotated bibliography of the Lepidoptera of Africa Continent based upon the info-system of the Cesa. Cesa Publ. African Lepid. 26: 1-302.



1 March 2009

Koçak,A.Ö. & M.Kemal, 2009, Third report on the temporary results of the Lepidopteran list of Africa Continent based upon the Databank of the Cesa. stand 1.3.2009. Cesa Publ. African Lepid. 25: 1-2810, figs., maps.



20 February 2007


Koçak,A.Ö. & M.Kemal, 2007, Report on the temporary results of the faunal list of African states based upon the databank of the Cesa 16. Tunis. Cesa Publ. African Lepid. 19: 1-32.


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