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Publication Number 1- Koçak, A. Ö. & M. Kemal, 2008, Patronymic Names in Lepidoptera I. A List of the Scientific Names Referring to the Persons based upon the Info-System of the Cesa. 212 pp. 32 figs. CD in pdf format. Cesa & YYU Publication ISBN 978-975-7616-42-9.  publication: 10th April 2008


From Foreword: This is a comprehensive publication on the patronymic names in the order Lepidoptera. The authors searched the names by using the database programs of the Cesa, and arranged a name list in alphabetical order under the related Lepidopteran families. Totally 7024 patronymic names are evaluated in this e-book.

According to the temporary results of the studies made in the period of 24 decades between the years of 1758 and 2008, against the pure descriptive names of the Lepidopteran taxa, other kinds of names, namely, patronymic, geographical, mytological, etc. have been increasing gradually. In the last period, after the Second World War, the number of the  patronymic names proposed varies from  410 to 722, based upon the information of the Cesa. Comparing with the numbers of the patronymic names proposed in 18. Century, numbers of the proposed names increased more than 20 times at the present time. In general, the patronymic names are proposed in honour of esteemed persons in a country. All these cases reflect openly the importance of the using patronymic names. For the purpose of initiating and establishing a primary basis for further scientific investigations of these little  known side of the scientific names in the Lepidoptera, this book has been prepared.

In this book, some patronymic names are explained etymologically, the complementary illustrations on the scientific information or the original digital images of the butterfly and moth species themselves taken by the authors in their natural environments are given for the first time.

In order to use the facilities of this electronical publication, the readers should open this book by using the latest Version of Acrobat Reader and connected with the internet. In this case, the references given as open URL addresses can be easily accessed by clicking the mouse.  – The Authors.




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