Iconographia Insectorum

Series D – Distributional Maps based upon Info-system of the Cesa




Ahmet Ömer Koçak & Muhabbet Kemal



© CESA, 1966-2008




The following digital publications are obtainable are accessible in the internet or obtainable as CD.


Koçak,A.Ö., Kemal,M., 2007, Distributional maps of the Lepidoptera based upon the Cesa Info-System I- Genera Callophrys Billb., Celastrina Tutt, Chilades Moore, Cigaritis Donz., and Cupido Schr. in Turkey (Lycaenidae). Cent. ent. Stud., Iconographia Insectorum (Series D) 1: 12 pp. 32 maps. [10.12.2007], Cesa.