Info-System of the Cesa



I n f o- s y s t e m is a collective scientific information system of the Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara Cesa. It is used in various publications of the Cesa and projects.

Info-system is based upon the following units of the Cesa.

Label information of the Insect Collections of the Cesa [from 1966 on]

Published data, based upon the Library [from 1968 on], including all kind publications of the Cesa [from 1981 on]

Databank, based upon the Card system of the Cesa [between 1968 and 1997]

Databank, computerized worldwide information of the Cesa [from 1998 on] see Number of pterygot insects

Worldwide photographs and video archives of the Cesa [from 1983 on]


Ahmet Omer Kocak & Muhabbet Kemal



Cesa 1966-2015