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Memoirs  is the third international publication of the Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara (CESA), established in 1991 in accordance with the Publications Rules of the ICZN. It includes larger original studies of the research workers of the Centre, regarding taxonomy, nomenclature, morphology, bibliography, check-list, catalogue of Insects, especially Lepidoptera, as well as papers on faunistic, ecological and distributional researches. The publication languages are Turkish, English, German and Uighurian. The previously suspended Memoirs is available again with the numbers 3 & 4 from December 2007 on. For more information please contact to Prof. Dr. Ahmet Omer Kocak, Editor, e-mail:


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Seven,S. & S.Bulguer, 1991,

A Bibliographical list of the homonymous generic names in Zoology based on S.A.Neave’s Nomenclator Zoologicus (vols.I-VII). Cent. ent. Stud., Memoirs 1: x + 1-114.





Koçak,A.Ö. & S.Seven,    1994,   

Türkiye Lepidoptera Bibliyografyasý.    Cent. ent. Stud., Memoirs 2: 1-141.




Koçak,A.Ö. & M.Kemal (eds.), 2007,

Results of the International Projects of the Cesa  on the World Lepidoptera - I. Cent. ent. Stud., Memoirs 3-4: v + 1-1989 pp. 49 Col. Plates

[date of publication 10th December 2007]

Abstract: Results of the International Projects of the CESA on the World Lepidoptera - I. Cent. ent. Stud., Memoirs 3-4: v + 1-1989 pp. 49 Col. Plates.

The first results of the twentyfour major scientific projects of the Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara (CESA) are presented. The Scientific research activities of the CESA are compiled under the following Project titles: (1) Diversity of the Lepidoptera in the World (DLW); (2) Researches on the animal- plant interaction:  Foodplants of the Lepidoptera (FL); (3) Bibliography of the Lepidoptera (BL); Secondary Projects of the CESA: I- Faunas of Actual States: (4) Lepidoptera of Turkey (LTR); (5) Lepidoptera of the Philippines (LPH); (6) Lepidoptera of Thailand (LTH); (7) Lepidoptera of South Africa (LZA); (8) Lepidoptera of Uighur Ili (LUi); (9) Lepidoptera of Iran (LIR); (10) Lepidoptera of Ethiopia (LET); (11) Lepidoptera of Middle East (LME); (12) Lepidoptera of Indo-China (LIC); (13) Lepidoptera of Africa (LAF); (14) Lepidoptera of Orientalic Region (LOR); (15) Lepidoptera of Asia (LAS); (16) Lepidoptera of Old World (LOW); II- Faunas of Historical States: (17) Lepidoptera of Urartu (LUR); (18) Lepidoptera of Uighur State (LUI); (19) Lepidoptera of Gazne State (LGZ); (20) Lepidoptera of Seljuk State (LSE); (21) Lepidoptera of Cenghiz Khan Emperor (LCE); (22) Lepidoptera of Timur Emperor (LTI); (23) Lepidoptera of Eretna Sultanate (LER); (24) Lepidoptera of Ottoman Emperor (LOT).

The first part of the results of the projects are published by various authors in the third and fourth volumes of the Cesa’s serial Memoirs. Aim and scopes of the projects are explained in the Chapter 1Introduction”. Some other foreign projects on the similar subjects are compared and discussed briefly. The project, The Diversity of the Lepidoptera of the World (DLW) is introduced. The results of the project  “The Diversity of the Lepidoptera in the World (DLW)” are given in the Chapter 2 as synonymous list of the valid genus-group names (8251 valid taxa) and in the Chapter 3 as synonymous list species-group names (82189 valid taxa), in accordance with the current ICZN Rules. The temporary results of the project “Bibliography of the Lepidoptera (BL)” are given as the list of the publication used in the Cesa’s projects (7500 publications) in the Chapter 4. The original references to the genus- and species group names in the Lepidoptera have been preparing by the author within the project “BL”. Temporary result for more than 14500 taxa is published in Chapter 5 with their original references. Some results of the following projects are also mentioned and discussed under the following chapters:  In Chapter 6, results of the animal -  plant interaction: Food-Plants of the Lepidoptera (FL) (for 3950 lepidopterous taxa);  in Chapter 7, one of the results of the Projects, Faunas of Actual States, is published entitled  “Illustrated list of the Lepidoptera recorded in the Transvaal (South Africa) (LZA)” (2125 species); in Chapter 8, one of the results of the Projects, Faunas of Actual States, is published entitled  “Illustrated list of the Lepidoptera recorded in Uighur Ili (LUi)” (1271 species);  in Chapter 9, one of the results of the Projects, Faunas of Actual States, is published entitled  “List of the Lepidoptera recorded in Iraq (LAS)” (1184 species);  in Chapter 10, one of the results of the Projects, Faunas of Actual States, is published entitled “List of the Lepidoptera recorded in Doi Inthanon (North Thailand) (LTH)” (438 species); in Chapter 11, one of the results of the Projects, Faunas of Actual States, is published entitled  “Illustrated list of the Lepidoptera recorded in Chiang Dao (North Thailand)” (LTH) (618 species); in Chapter 12, one of the results of the Projects, Faunas of Actual States, is published entitled  “Illustrated list of the Lepidoptera recorded in Chiang Mai University Campus (North Thailand) (LTH)” (328 species); in Chapter 13, one of the results of the Projects, Faunas of Actual States, is published entitled  “List of the Lepidoptera recorded in Afghanistan (LAS)” (1599 species);  in Chapter 14, one of the results of the Projects, Faunas of Actual States, is published entitled  “Illustrated list of the Lepidoptera recorded in Iran (LIR)” (3295 species); in Chapter 15, one of the results of the Projects, Faunas of Actual States, is published entitled “List of the Lepidoptera recorded in the Philippines (LPH)” (2337 species), and in Chapter 16, one of the results of the Projects, Faunas of Historical States, is published entitled   “Lepidoptera of Eretna Sultanate in Asia Minor (LER)” (4067 species or subspecies). For pdf Internet Archive



Koçak,A.Ö. & M.Kemal, 2012, Preliminary  Synonymical and Distributional Checklist of African Lepidoptera. Cent. Ent. Stud., Memoirs 5: 1-975, 5 figs. [date of publication 24th February, 2012]


This paper deals with the bibliography and the preliminary checklist of the Lepidoptera of Africa based upon the fauna of 53 states. Totally 19200 species (or 23921 valid species group names) are arranged alphabetically under 86 families, together with the synonymous scientific names in chronological order. Distributional information of each taxon are given as geographical codes.  Some taxa are also provided with their original references. Totally 1632 publications are listed with notes of  their contents and geographical information. For pdf Internet Archive



Koçak,A.Ö. & M.Kemal, 2012, List of the hitherto recorded pterygot taxa of Turkey (Insecta) (Temporary report of the Entomofauna Project of Turkey-10). Cent. Ent. Stud., Memoirs 6:  i-iv+ 1-1649, 1 fig.



In the first part of the specific list, totally 5282 lepidopteran species are classified under following 76 families: Adelidae, Agonoxenidae, Alucitidae, Arctiidae, Argynnidae, Autostichidae, Blastobasidae, Bombycidae, Brachodidae, Brahmaeidae, Bucculatricidae, Carposinidae, Choreutidae, Cimeliidae, Coleophoridae, Cosmopterigidae, Cossidae, Ctenuchidae, Danaidae, Deoclonidae, Douglasiidae, Drepanidae, Elachistidae, Endromidae, Epermeniidae, Eriocottidae, Eriocraniidae, Ethmiidae, Gelechiidae, Geometridae, Glyphipterygidae, Gracillariidae, Heliodinidae, Hepialidae, Hesperiidae, Ýncurvariidae, Lasiocampidae, Lecithoceridae, Lemoniidae, Libytheidae, Limacodidae, Lycaenidae, Lymantriidae, Lyonetiidae, Micronoctuidae, Micropterigidae, Momphidae, Nepticulidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae, Oecophoridae, Opostegidae, Papilionidae, Pieridae, Prodoxidae, Psychidae, Pterolonchidae, Pterophoridae, Pyralidae, Riodinidae, Roeslerstammiidae, Saturniidae, Satyridae, Schreckensteiniidae, Scythridae, Sesiidae, Sphingidae, Stathmopodidae, Thaumetopoeidae, Thyatiridae, Thyridae, Tineidae, Tischeriidae, Tortricidae, Yponomeutidae, Zygaenidae. Species of the orders Plecoptera, Odonata, Blattodea, Mantodea, Dermaptera, Phasmida, Orthoptera, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Planipennia, Trichoptera, Mecoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, and Coleoptera, are recorded in Turkey. Ýn the second part of the specific list, totally 15135 pterygot species of alphabetically arranged 301 families of these orders. These families are as follows: Achilidae, Acrididae, Acroceridae, Aeshnidae, Agaonidae, Agromyzidae, Alydidae, Amorphoscelidae, Andrenidae, Anthicidae, Anthocoridae, Anthomyiidae, Anthomyzidae, Anthribidae, Aphelinidae, Aphelocheiridae, Aphididae, Apidae, Apionidae, Aradidae, Argidae, Ascalaphidae, Asilidae, Asterolecaniidae, Athericidae, Attelabidae, Aulacidae, Bacillidae, Belostomatidae, Beraeidae, Berothidae, Berytidae, Bibionidae, Blattidae, Blephariceridae, Bolitophilidae, Bombyliidae, Bostrichidae, Brachycentridae, Brachyceridae, Braconidae, Braulidae, Brenthidae, Bruchidae, Buprestidae, Byturidae, Calamoceratidae, Caliscelidae, Calliphoridae, Calopterygidae, Cantharidae, Capniidae, Carabidae, Carnidae, Cebrionidae, Cecidomyiidae, Cephidae, Cerambycidae, Ceratopogonidae, Cercopidae, Cerococcidae, Chalcididae, Chamaemyiidae, Chironomidae, Chloroperlidae, Chloropidae, Chrysididae, Chrysomelidae, Chrysopidae, Cicadellidae, Cicadidae, Cimbicidae, Cimicidae, Cixiidae, Cleridae, Coccidae, Coccinellidae, Coenagrionidae, Colletidae, Conopterygidae, Conopidae, Cordulegasteridae, Corduliidae, Coreidae, Corixidae, Crabronidae, Culicidae, Curculionidae, Cydnidae, Cylindrotomidae, Cynipidae, Dactylopiidae, Delphacidae, Derbidae, Dericorythidae, Dermestidae, Diapheromeridae, Diaspididae, Dictyopharidae, Dilaridae, Dinidoridae, Dolichopodidae, Drosophilidae, Dytiscidae, Ecnomidae, Elateridae, Empusidae, Empidae, Encyrtidae, Ephydridae, Eriococcidae, Eucharidae, Eulophidae, Eumasticidae, Eupelmidae, Eurytomidae, Fanniidae, Flatidae, Forficulidae, Formicidae, Georissidae, Geotrupidae, Gerridae, Glaphyridae, Glossosomatidae, Goeridae, Gomphidae, Gryllidae, Gryllotalpidae, Gyrinidae, Halictidae, Haliplidae, Heleomyzidae, Helicopsychidae, Helophoridae, Hemerobiidae, Hippoboscidae, Histeridae, Hybotidae, Hydraenidae, Hydrochidae, Hydrometridae, Hydrophilidae, Hydropsychidae, Hydroptilidae, Hygrobiidae, Ýbaliidae, Ýchneumonidae, Ýrididae, Ýssidae, Kermesidae, Keroplatidae, Labiduridae, Lampyridae, Lauxaniidae, Lecanodiaspididae, Leiodidae, Lepidostomatidae, Leptoceridae, Lestidae, Leucospdae, Leuctridae, Libellulidae, Limnephilidae, Limoniidae, Lonchopteridae, Lucaniidae, Lygaeidae, Mantidae, Mantispidae, Margarodidae, Meenoplidae, Megachilidae, Megalodontesidae, Melittidae, Meloidae, Melyridae, Membracidae, Micrococcidae, Micropezydae, Milichiidae, Miridae, Mogoplistidae, Muscidae, Mutillidae, Mycetophilidae, Mydidae, Mymaridae, Mymecophilidae, Myrmeleonidae, Mythicomyiidae, Nabidae, Naucoridae, Nemestrinidae, Nemopteridae, Nemouridae, Nepidae, Nitidulidae, Noteridae, Notonectidae, Nycteribiidae, Ochteridae, Oedemeridae, Opomyzidae, Ormyridae, Ortheziidae, Orussidae, Osmylidae, Pamphagidae, Pamphiliidae, Panorpidae, Pediciidae, Pentatomidae, Perilampidae, Perlidae, Perloidae, Philopotamidae, Phoridae, Phryganeidae, Piesmatidae, Piophilidae, Pipinculidae, Plataspidae, Platycnemidae, Platystomidae, Pleidae, Polycentropodidae, Polyphagidae, Pompilidae, Pseudococcidae, Psilidae, Psychodidae, Psychomyiidae, Psyllidae, Pteromalidae, Pyrgomorphidae, Pyrochroidae, Pyrrhocoridae, Raphidiidae, Raphidophoridae, Reduviidae, Rhagionidae, Rhinophoridae, Rhopalidae, Rhyacophilidae, Ricaniidae, Saldidae, Sapygidae, Sarcophagidae, Scarabaeidae, Scathophagidae, Scelionidae, Schizodactylidae, Sciaridae, Sciomyzidae, Scirtidae, Scoliidae, Scutelleridae, Sepsidae, Sericostomatidae, Sialidae, Signiphoridae, Silphidae, Simuliidae,  Spercheidae, Sphaeroceridae, Sphecidae, Spongiphoridae, Staphylinidae, Stenocephalidae, Stratiomyidae, Streblidae, Syrphidae, Tabanidae, Tachinidae, Taeniopterygidae, Tenebrionidae, Tenthredinidae, Tephritidae, Tethinidae, Tetracampidae, Tetrigidae, Tettigometridae, Tettigoniidae, Therevidae, Tingidae, Tiphiidae, Tipulidae, Torymidae, Trichoceridae, Trichogrammatidae, Tridactylidae, Triozidae, Trixsocelidae, Tropiduchidae, Uenoidae, Ulidiidae, Veliidae, Vespidae, Xyelidae and  Xylomyidae.

In the appendix, lists of the Pterygot Insects of the adjacent countries are also given. These countries and the number of their recorded species are as follows:  Iran (7475 species), Iraq  (2090 species), Syria (2469 species), Lebanon (2027 species),  Israel / Palestine (4654 species), Jordan (1423 species),  Cyprus (2033 species),  Caucasus  (7581 species), Bulgaria (5555 species),  Greece (6992 species). For pdf  Internet Archive




Koçak,A.Ö. & M.Kemal,  2015, Annotated list of the lepidopterological taxa in the info-system of the Cesa - Part I. Cent. ent. Stud., Memoirs 7: 1-4792, 1 Tab.

In this study, about 25-30% of the contents of the database files in the info-system of the Cesa are listed. Totally, 9181 genus group names, and 94618 species group names of the Lepidoptera are given with synonyms, and distributional information as codes. Original references are also added to 18909 taxa. Similarly, bionomic information are given for 5761 taxa. Totally, 9328 publications used in these database files are listed. Nomenclaturally, one new subgenus name, Hecqia in the genus Euphaedra Hbn (Argynnidae), one new genus name, Muhabbetkemalia (Psychidae), one new species name, Furcula schintlmeisteri (Notodontidae) are proposed.  Taxonomically,  one new subgenus, Jseppia is established in the family Pyralidae. For pdf  Internet Archive



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